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Spearpoint Ranch Pheasant Hunting
Specializing in personalized and
exclusive pheasant hunting services.

Welcome to the Spearpoint Ranch website. For an exciting, rewarding, and private pheasant hunting experience with your personal group, Spearpoint Ranch would be a great choice. We are not a high-volume, fill every bed every day of the season game bird hunting operation. Find out more about Spearpoint Ranch. The only other guests you will have to put up with are the ones you bring. Whether it be 3 or 13, your group has sole use of the facilities and upland game hunting areas. This leads to a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where clients can become buddies and everyone can enjoy great hunting, great food, and exceptional hospitality.

Hunts are conducted in a variety of terrains from open hillsides, to CRP fields enhanced with food plots and cattail sloughs, to wooded creek bottoms.

All Hunting Groups Welcome
Family groups, business associates, women's groups, and other groups wanting the relaxed atmosphere of staying and hunting with only your companions.

Group Size and Safety
Minimum group size is 3 people. We can accommodate up to 13. Parties will be divided into groups of 6 hunters or less for safety. Groups will be accompanied by a guide/dog handler to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunt.

Hunting License
A license to hunt on our controlled shooting area is $17 vs a $72 Kansas nonresident fee. A Kansas resident or a non-resident license is also acceptable on Spearpoint Ranch.

Nearby Attractions
Award winning taxidermist who can ship finished mounts anywhere within the United States.



Enjoy hunting
at Spearpoint Ranch  from
to the end of March

Hunting Package

Clean & comfortable accommodations
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Three great
meals a day

Six pheasant
per day limit

Field transportation

Game processing

Non-gun carrying guides with dogs
-guest dogs welcome

Shampoo, soap, and towels are provided for your convenience. 


"I have hunted birds all over the United States and Mexico. The gracious owners of Spearpoint Ranch in Kansas provide one of very best facilities for hunting the wily pheasant I have ever experienced. Steve Wirth's enthusiasm in managing the hunt and directing his very able dogs quickly rubs off on his guests. Laura's delicious home cooking recipes add back the pounds you walked off during the hunts."

Dr. Steve Zegar of Slidell, LA

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